Working with ScrudFactory

ScrudFactory is one of the various core modules of MixERP which facilitates rapid application development (RAD). ScrudFactory provides a common and consistent user interface, which helps you efficiently get your job done.

View Panel

The view panel consists of:

ScrudFactory Grid

1. Command Buttons

Show CompactDisplays the compact view and resets the page to 1.
Show All Displays an expanded view and resets the page to 1.

Warning: If your entity is a huge table, MixERP will only display 1000 rows with paging.
Add NewDisplays a form to add a new record.
Edit SelectedDisplays a form with the selected record for editing. See selectors below.
Delete SelectedDeletes the selected record. See selectors below.
PrintOpens up a popup window with a printer-friendly view of the current grid.

2. GridView

The ScrudFactory grid displays information about an entity. In this example, chart of accounts is displayed. MixERP Scrud grid, by default, has the following behavior:

3. Selectors

The first column of each row is a selector with a radio button. You can click anywhere on a row to turn the selection on. Similarly, clicking another row will toggle your selection from previous row to a new one, resulting in only one row being "selectable". Once you select the record you're interested in, you can then perform some other tasks such as editing or deleting the entry.

MixERP will keep an audit trail of the user performing the Scrud operation.

4. Pager

The application user might not be interested to view all records at once. This would be somewhat irrelevant, confusing, and even boring. On the other hand, displaying a huge chunk of information would also be a resource-intensive task. That is the reason why the records are sorted and arranged in pages.

Form View

The form view provides you a form panel to work with--presenting a collection of fields.

Text FieldAllows you to enter text.
Number FieldEnter a valid number, generally a positive number.
Radio ButtonsAllows you to select an item from the group of radio buttons.
Date FieldEnter a valid date value or select a date from date-picker control.
Select FieldAllows you to select an item from the drop-down list control.
Selector IconSee item selector below.

ScrudFactory Form

Remember that when a field is marked with a star (*), it means that you cannot leave it empty. Similarly, some fields may validate values to have standard and recognizable formats, including but not limited to, the following :

As soon as you enter all required and relevant fields, you are good to go. Click Save to add the new record. For whatever reason you want not to save the entry, click Cancel. Similarly click Reset to reset the form fields to their original state.

When you are adding a new record and then resetting, the form fields will generally fall back to an empty or the default value. Editing a form and then resetting, on the other hand, would reset the fields to the existing value(s) they were initialized with.

Item Selector

Item selector allows you to quickly find the item you are looking for by displaying a modal window. In the modal window, you can filter records by performing a wildcard search operation.

Scrud Item Selector

When you find the item you were looking for, click on the associated link Select. Clicking the link will close the item selector window and update the associated control with the value you selected.


Key CombinationAction
CTRL + SHIFT + CShow Compact
CTRL + SHIFT + SShow All
CTRL + SHIFT + EEdit Selected
CTRL + SHIFT + DDeleted Selected

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