Voucher Verification

The verification module is a feature of MixERP's Transaction Posting Engine. The workflow provides MC (maker/checker) verification system where the transactions entered by users are presented to a group of delegated users collectively known as Voucher Administrators. Once a transaction is posted, it is sent to the verification queue. The VAs can then take further actions on what to do with the transactions in the queue.

Moreover, on a default installation, makers are generally restricted users able to only post a transaction, and cannot take decisions on their own. However, makers can withdraw their own transaction(s) stating a reason why they want it to be withdrawn. When a transaction is withdrawn, it is not sent to the Verification Queue, and thus has no effect on the balance sheet.

Verification Workflow

Furthermore, as seen in the above diagram, a transaction can be automatically verified by the workflow engine. According to your configuration, the TransactionGovernor module will automatically take actions to reject or approve vouchers in verification queue. This could be beneficial for offices having a relatively tight budget, since you would not need to appoint additional employee(s) to check the queue.

The automatic verification feature can be a real time-saver for certain scenarios where you could "mix" the automatic and manual verification system. For example, you could turn on the auto-verification for transactions less than a specified amount, and for larger transactions you can *examine what's going on under the hood* in the real time.

Transaction Checklists

Once you post a sales transaction, the module TransactionChecklist further helps application users to take necessary actions such as:

* where applicable

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