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MixERP aims on being an efficient and cost-effective ERP solution. Before proceeding to the individual chapters, you may want to take a quick note on the following topics:

MixERP Is Desiged for Multi-Establishment

MixERP is a multi-establishment ERP software solution which facilitates you to run any number of branch offices in a centralized environment. This means, if you have multiple branch offices of the same establishment, you should not create multiple companies (and databases) or host separate application for each branch. You should, instead, create a single office with branch offices as children as shown in the image.


* transaction units.

Establishment Types

An office can contain sub-offices, thence making the office a branch group. Likewise, an office which does not have any child office makes it a transaction unit.

You can only perform transaction posting to the transaction units, whereas a branch group allows you to consolidate and produce reports of all child offices it contains.


Core Concepts


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